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Poster Session
afternoon Hands on PsicoStat Minitalks 10-17

Session 2

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The Smart Talk
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Thursday 8th, February

14.30 - 18.30: The HANDS-ON PSICOSTAT event!
The hands-on methodological workshop held by Psicostat's leaders Gianmarco Altoé & Filippo Gambarota (University of Padua): "Understanding Meta-Analysis Through Data Simulation with Applications to Power Analysis" (Participation is reserved for those who applied and received confirmation of acceptance).

Friday 9th, February

8.45 - Registration desk is open

9.30 - Presentation and welcome addresses by the Organizing Committee

Morning (Session 1): Emotional processing (Chair: F. Sangiuliano Intra)
  • 9.45 - Konopkina, K.: Decoding emotional development: Age-related changes in emotional responses
  • 10.10 - Seetahul, Y.: Seeking Solace, Not Catharsis: Frustration Diminishes the Inclination to Play Violent Video Games
  • 10.35 - Sinisalo, H.: Empathetic responses and their hormonal associations to infant emotions in mothers and non-mothers.
  • 11.00 - Bavagnoli, A.: Negative Co-Parenting And Children's Adjustment: The Role Of Appraisals And Triangulation
11.30 - Poster mini-talks 1/3 (From #1 to #9)

12.15 - Lunch (in the Canteen: open from 12.00 to 14.00)


Afternoon: 13.30 - Poster mini-talks 2/3 (from #10 to #17)

Afternoon (Session 2): Executive Functions (Chair: C. Begliomini)
  • 14.10 - Toffoli, L.: I'm talking to you! Interactive digital content effects on children‚Äôs adaptive cognitive control
  • 14.35 - Blasutto, B.: Decision-making in Parkinson's disease: A systematic review
  • 15.00 - Urbini, N.: The hidden influence of the cerebellum: Investigating cerebellar structure and cognitive abilities
  • 15.25 - Jabbour-Daniel, M.: Subtypes of dyslexia from preschool to first grade: A longitudinal study in Arabic
15.50 - Poster mini-talks 3/3 (from #18 to #25)

16.20 - Coffee-break

Afternoon (Session 3): Social cognition (Chair: D. Basso)
  • 17.00 - Stagnitto, S.M.: Do You See What I See: exploring social and cognitive correlates of Spontaneous Perspective-Taking
  • 17.25 - Marelli, A.: Instagram Addiction: can social identity processes and meaningful relationships be protective factors?
  • 17.50 - Cutrone, L.: The development of children evaluation of punishment
  • 18.15 - Segatta, C.: Moral disengagement as a main component of malevolent creative potential

  • The "Friday Night Fever" sledge event is cancelled because the Plose company has selected just three Fridays for such event and not this day (, while our dates were defined many months before them.. sgrunt!).


Saturday 10th February

Morning (Session 4): Attention and Learning (Chair: G. Mento)
  • 9.30 - Massironi, A.: Bringing order to chaos: exploring the effect of statistical learning on visuo-spatial attention
  • 9.55 - Bachurina, V.: Distributed and selective attention during category learning in children and adults
  • 10.20 - Viviani, G.: Stroop effect decomposition: does the Stroop effect imply different control loci?
11.00 - Poster session

  • Gr.1#1 - Livoti, V.: Pencils down! Are digital tasks better than traditional tests in unveiling subtle spatial deficits?
  • Gr.1#2 - Czilczer, C.: Objective online assessment of action imagery ability: A mental chronometry approach
  • Gr.1#3 - Alfarone, I.: Change of d-irection: Future perspectives in psychological meta-analysis
  • Gr.1#4 - Vyas, K.: Individual psychological traits predict the activity of limbic and prefrontal areas

  • Gr.2#5 - Pellegrino, G.: Exploring the creative mind: new instruments to assess creativity
  • Gr.2#6 - Paludo, G.: Words and algorithms: Exploring the cognitive and creativity underpinnings of computational thinking
  • Gr.2#7 - Corbo, I.: The role of cognitive flexibility on higher-level executive functions in physiologic aging
  • Gr.2#8 - Stefanelli, G.: Adaptive cognitive control (CC) differs in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) children?
  • Gr.2#9 - Ripp, I.: Unifying reinforcement learning and working memory in cognitive mapping: Implications for AI

  • Gr.3#10 - Domanti, U.: Lived and recalled experience: memory effect on the generation of counterfactual and causal thoughts
  • Gr.3#11 - Danti, C.: Pavlovian learning styles differently affect suboptimal choices
  • Gr.3#12 - Gezen, E.: Sense of agency, task engagement, and affective feedback processing
  • Gr.3#13 - Tani, M.: Target updating during reach-to-grasp actions in VR: behavioral, kinematics and pilot fMRI data

  • Gr.4#14 - Gemignani, M.: Moving beyond sex: An EEG investigation of gender roles on adults' responses to infant faces
  • Gr.4#15 - Carnevali, L.: Social rhythms in typical development and autism: do time contingency and social engagement matter?
  • Gr.4#16 - Matteucci, N.: The visual Knobe effect: Does the modality of presentation impact intentionality attribution?
  • Gr.4#17 - Loukieh, S.: Effects of cognitive depletors on ease and effectiveness of communication

  • Gr.5#18 - Degasperi, G.: The role of sleep, circadian rhythms, balanced time perspective on perinatal depression symptoms
  • Gr.5#19 - Costa, S.: The role of somatosensory cortex in emotional stimuli processing
  • Gr.5#20 - Jia, C.: Can 7-month-old infants extract affective information independently by modality?
  • Gr.5#21 - Micillo, L.: Unveiling the multifaceted nature of emotional distortion of time perception in immersive VR

  • Gr.6#22 - Bertacco, E.: Is the dorsal stream critical for shape recognition?
  • Gr.6#23 - Gatti, D.: Explicit meaning beyond explicit meaning
  • Gr.6#24 - Massara, M.: Can virtual reality prevent delirium in hospitalized elderly? (DElirium should BE STopped - DEBEST)
  • Gr.6#25 - Badino, V.: Narrative coherence in sexually abused children: The role of age and PTSD.
13.00 - Lunch (in the Canteen: open from 12.00 to 14.00)


Afternoon (Session 5): Perception (Chair: M. Grassi)
  • 14.30 - Gonan, S.: It sounds alive! Auditory animacy perception in human adults and domestic chicks
  • 14.55 - Oletto, C.M.: The centre shapes the periphery: The importance of elements in the centre in uniformity perception
  • 15.20 - Noviello, S.: From conscious to unconscious: The best frequency to suppress 3D real stimuli from visual awareness
  • 15.45 - Chatroudi, A.H.: Understanding How Flickers Distorts Perception of Time: Role of Conscious Perception
  • 16.10 - Lazzari, G.: Spatial functional organization of beat-based timing perception in PMC: causal evidence from TMS study
16.35-16.45: Mini-break (to enter marks)

Late afternoon
  • 16.50 - The Smart Talk, Daniël Lakens: Which research is valuable enough to do well?.
  • 18.00: "Valiant Award" & "Painter Award"
  • Then: Cheers, cheese & wine event: a selection of wines from the South-Tyrol region will be offered to participants, along with salami, cheese, bread, etc., while talking and commenting about this edition of the CSA meeting. The Event will start at the end of the Awards, and will end after that the last drop of wine has fall into a glass. Each glass is different from the other ones, and (if you indicated you want it) you can (must..) bring it at home with you!