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Friday 18th, February

9.00 - Registration desk is open

9.45 - Presentation and welcome addresses by the Organizing Committee

Morning (Session 1): Sensory processing and perception (Chair: M. Grassi)
  • 10.00 - Fontana, L.: Olfactory habituation for food and non-food odours
  • 10.25 - Santacá, M.: The influence of visual illusions on numerosity estimation in humans and fish
  • 10.50 - Del Popolo Cristaldi, F.: The role of past experience in subjective ratings to affective predictions: cross-modality effects
  • 11.15 - La Rocca, S.: Pandora: A new database of young and old computer generated faces
11.45 - Poster mini-talks (Groups 1 and 2)

12.15 - Lunch (in the Canteen)


Afternoon: 14.00 - Poster mini-talks (Groups 3 and 4)

Afternoon (Session 2): Attention and awareness (Chair: G. Mento)
  • 14.30 - Bruno, G.: Prosocial orientation and time pressure in the evaluation of autonomous vehicle’s moral behavior
  • 14.55 - Colombari, E.: Where and when does visual awareness arise? An investigation by means of Fast Optical Imaging and EEG
  • 15.20 - Viola, T.: How do we measure sustained attention? A factor analytical approach to validate 4 attention tasks
  • 15.45 - Stagnitto, S.M.: Relationship between Theory of Mind and false semantic memories: an individual differences approach
16.10 - Mini break

Afternoon (Session 3): Neuropsychological correlates (Chair: L. Craighero)
  • 16.30 - Saban, W.: Distinct contributions of the cerebellum and basal ganglia to arithmetic procedures
  • 16.55 16.30 - Arrigoni, E.: Beyond the Bereitschaftspotential: exploring SMA-related connectivity during action preparation
  • 17.20 16.55 - Tomasetig, G.: The unexplored link between aesthetic and creative experience: a meta-analysis on fMRI evidence

  • The "Friday Night Fever" sledge event is cancelled due to the covid-19 restrictions. Imagine to roll on the snow along with all the participants... This is likely to happen in the next year! Please, somebody, make our wishes come true!!


Saturday 19th February

Morning (Session 4): Different kinds of wellbeing (Chair: M. Cottini)
  • 9.30 - Carbone, D.: Are groups better than individuals? Testing group argumentation in an applicative context
  • 9.55 - Girondini, M.: When starting better matters: public speaking in virtual reality
  • 10.20 - Vigl, J.: Relationship satisfaction during the first year of the pandemic
  • 10.45 - Milani Marin, M.E.: Carelessness online education
11.10 - Mini-break

Morning (Session 5): Interaction in the space (Chair: M. Vannucci)
  • 11.15 - Gatti, D.: Spatial representations without spatial computations
  • 11.40 - Morandi Raikova, A.: Formation of a spatial map in the anterior hippocampus of domestic chicks (Gallus gallus)
  • 12.05 - Navare, U.: Sense of agency during joint action with a humanoid robot
12.30 - Lunch (outside the campus, we will provide you with a voucher)


Afternoon: Poster session (14.00 - 16.00):

Foyer ground floor
  • Gr.1.1 – Battistel, L.: An investigation of humans’ sensitivity to environmental temperature
  • Gr.1.2 – Verra, L.: Behavioural evidence for perceptual and state uncertainty during decision-making
  • Gr.1.3 – Greatti, E.: Catching the truth: an EEG study
  • Gr.1.4 – Brighenti, A.: Seeing myself younger or older: VR can modulate my attitudes towards age?

  • Gr.2.1 – Degasperi, G.: Contributions of sleep and wakefulness to emotional memory performance
  • Gr.2.2 – Faiella, A.: Counterfactual thinking and insomnia
  • Gr.2.3 – Micillo, L.: The effect of modality and presentation of emotional stimuli on time perception

Foyer first floor
  • Gr.3.1 – Viviani, G.: How cognitive control is represented in the brain: an EEG Representational Similarity Analysis study
  • Gr.3.2 – Parisi, G.: Neural dynamics of attentional orienting and reorienting: an event-related optical signal study
  • Gr.3.3 – Holsey Foss, V.: Adolescents' mind wandering during reading on paper and screen
  • Gr.3.4 – Signorello, D.: Enhancing memory and attention with adaptive computerized cognitive training

  • Gr.4.1 – SandKühler, K.: Executive Function measures for children and adults with Down syndrome
  • Gr.4.2 – Dalbagno, D.: Pavlovian threat learning shapes the kinematics of goal-directed motor responses
  • Gr.4.3 – Bortot, M.: From number to size: abstract coding of magnitude in honeybees


16.00 - Mini-break

Late afternoon
  • 16.15 - The Smart Talk, Davide Crepaldi: Trying to run an open lab: tools, successes and failures.
  • 17.30: "Valiant Award" & "Painter Award"
  • Then: The Cheers, cheese & wine event for this year is cancelled: The covid-19 pandemics is asking us to protect ourselves, and we invite you to enjoy freely the evening in the city of Brixen, by respecting the restrictions. Those who have indicated to want a glass, remember to ask for it and bring it at home with you!