Abstract submission

Abstract submission is not active now. The forthcoming possibility for presenters will be opened from the 05/12/2022 12:00 to the 06/01/2023 12:00 (namely, noon) CET.

Authors are also asked to declare that the submitted work is not published yet at the moment of submission. In particular, the author is asked to declare that the submitted work has not yet a digital object identifier (DOI), which is provided by the publisher when the papers become available in the literature.

Abstract selection process

First, abstracts are screened (i.e., in/out) for basic scientific soundness, then they will be selected on the basis of the principle "first come first served" until slots for talks and posters will be available. In case the number of submissions exceeds the availability, the scientific committee will operate a selection among the received contributions according to the following criteria: (i) limit the overrepresentation of one (or more) research group/institution (ii) increase diversity in the research topics. In addition, the scientific committee may change the type of submission (e.g., from talk to a poster) in the case the research submitted is more suitable for the other format. This is often suggested for studies with no data yet that we think are more suitable for the poster format. The authors of the selected abstracts will be email-notified within one week after submission deadline, and will be asked to confirm their participation by replying to our email (those who will not reply on time will be excluded from the final program).

Further information

In the meanwhile, you can advertise CSA to all your contacts: go to the downloads page to find materials.

Important!. The Scientific Committee has set a limit to the number of editions in which an author could submit a paper to CSA. Please read these lines.