Spirit and mood

The idea of CSA is to bring together the brightest and youngest minds now working in cognitive science and to give a fruitful and cooperative environment to practice the skill of "scientific talking". For this reason, the conference program will include only talks by young researchers, while the scientific Committees will be recruited within young senior researchers.


In this page you can download materials (poster, brochures,..) to help us promoting CSA. Download them, then send them by email of print them and hang them up in your institution!


Topics include (but are definitely not limited to):
developmental cognition and education,
language, memory, perception, psychometrics,
anthropology, economics and social sciences,
neuroscience, clinical psychology, animal cognition, ...


The official language of CSA is English.

Suggested accommodations

We suggest you to book really early in time, since the period is within a holiday season.

Social events

The CSA will include two social events. We are planning to arrange for a sleigh ride (held the first night of the meeting) and for a "Cheers, cheese & wine evening" (at the end of the event).

"Valiant 2024" Award

The best oral presentation, selected at the conference, will receive the "Valiant award", consisting of a certificate and a monetary prize.

"Painter Artist 2024" Award

The best poster presentation, selected at the conference, will receive the "Painter Artist" award, consisting of a certificate and a monetary prize.

Leave room for development...!

The Scientific Committee has introduced a rule for participation, applying from the second editions, 2014. One author could present his/her papers and compete for the prizes in no more than 3 (three) editions of CSA (this limit is increased to 4 if one of them was a poster presentation). Authors overcoming this limit will still have the possibility to submit their work, but priority will be given to submissions from the "regular" authors. If there will be available slots after the deadline, "old Authors" will be allowed presenting their submissions but, anyway, they could not compete for the prizes.
Of course, participation as auditor is possible for everybody without any limit!