Welcome to the CSA conference!

We would like to invite you to the Cognitive Science Arena (CSA).

Our aim is to set a conference where young researchers can present their work in a friendly and cooperative environment with the audience challenging him/her in a fruitful debate. The goal of CSA is to provide a competent and useful “boot camp” for anyone how would like to a) practice the skills of giving a talk or discussing a poster, and b) develop his/her research based on suggestions from the audience. Along this line, highly innovative research ideas are encouraged as well as "in progress" research.

The key-ideas of the CSA are the following:
  1. papers by young scientists only without a full-term position (master students, PhD students and post-doctoral students, researchers with a fixed-term contract...);
  2. long time for each speaker: 15 minutes talk + 10 minutes discussion;
  3. "You will never talk alone": poster-session with dedicated time for each poster;
  4. "Short-talks for posters": Poster presenters are also asked to prepare a three-minute talk (with PowerPoint-like presentations) that summarizes and introduces the audience to the content of the poster;
  5. "Verba volant, scripta manent" (aka, several anonymous reviewers): attendees can write comments, criticisms and suggestions to the speaker, via paper and pencil. Comments are delivered to the speaker at the end of the talk (or poster) session;
  6. PADLET: Starting from 2018 edition at CSA we use padlet. Padlet is a virtual blackboard where you can write (anonymously or not: you decide!) questions, comments, criticisms, hurray, etc. while the speaker is giving his/her talk;
  7. in progress and high-risk research is also welcome!
  8. Still running!... Submitted abstracts can span from simple ideas to “under review”. Papers with a DOI cannot be accepted (unless the DOI was assigned in the time window spanning from abstract's deadline to the dates of the conference).

The conference will be held in February 9-11th, 2023.

New this year!

The Smart Talk!

This year we are delighted to guest Lisa DeBruine (University of Glasgow). She will talk about multi lab studies and the Psychological Science Accelerator project: “Everything is cool when you're part of a team". The talk is scheduled on Saturday afternoon, at the end of the afternoon session.

Hands on PsicoStats!

CSA has always been a conference oriented to early career researchers. Last year we had the chance to receive an ESCOP funding and few hands-on, methodological seminars were organized. Feedbacks were very positive and we would like to repeat the experience.
Thus, on Thursday, the 9th afternoon (i.e., right the day before the beginning of CSA) we will host a hands-on methodological workshop held by Psicostat's leaders Gianmarco Altoé & Massimiliano Pastore (University of Padua): "Evaluation of outliers and influential cases in univariate and multivariate perspectives".
Pay attention: At the registration on the website, remember to flag the Workshop option. The worlshop can host max 30 participants (first come, first served) and a fee of 10 euros is required (unfortunately this year we do not have ESCOP funding to cover the expenses). if admitted, take your laptop with you!.